By Peter Garety
There have been a lot of discussions about website monetization, conversions and how to get that freaking sale. Let’s suppose that you have done everything right –You have nice and clean website, You have solid content that provides value, But you still do not get clicks on your affiliate links.So, in this short blog post I am going to give you 5 pre-sell points that can boost your click through rates and sales ...

Peter Garety

Founder & CEO of DashNex. An entrepreneur since 13. Started his online business with no money, no English writing skills, substantial personal debts and zero know-how on how it should be run. Peter's focus is on helping people to avoid the traps that most people get into when starting online, so they can cut years to months, months to weeks and weeks to days to achieve the objective.


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By Peter Garety - November 19, 2020