5 Pre-Sell Steps to Get That “Freaking” Sale

By Peter Garety

There have been a lot of discussions about website monetization, conversions and how to get that freaking sale. 

Let’s suppose that you have done everything right –

You have nice and clean website, 

You have solid content that provides value, 

But you still do not get clicks on your affiliate links.

So, in this short blog post I am going to give you 5 pre-sell points that can boost your click through rates and sales conversions on your affiliate offers.

Let’s Set The Stage First

One of the most powerful features that we as humans have is ability to visualize things. In the last post I talked about first part of your text and how it affects your results. But, have you ever visualize what happens when people enter your site.

How they check your content?

What they see?

What they think?

What kind of emotions they experience?

How they click your affiliate links and order?

Visualization is the first step you need to take in order to get things right. If you cannot visualize your potential customer experience, you will not get a sale.

This is the starting point of any business and online marketing is no exception.

Now, let me give you 5 pre-sell points where you can improve right away.

Pre-Sell Point #1 – Headlines

You have two locations where you use headlines – search engines listings and article itself. 

Headline is actually one of the most important parts in the whole pre-sell process. It determines whether you get a chance to get people to your site and in the next step to read your content.

I see a lot of marketers to be obsessed with keywords and its usage in titles. They completely forget who will be making money for them.


If you want to get people to click your affiliate link and buy your product, you need to engage them with your title.

It all comes back to understanding of your target audience and here is the rule:

If in your headlines you will communicate benefits in the language your target audience use, you will get their attention.

Pre-Sell Point #2 – Meta Description for Your Posts

What, meta description? Yeah, I know – not a lot of people think about it. 

Meta description is usually the snippet which Google shows in search engine listings. This is your second pre-sell point.

How well you will communicate the pains or benefits of your targeting audience will determine what kind of click through rate you will get. 

The better you will pre-sell your offer the more people will visit your site to check it out.

Pre-Sell Point #3 – Sub-Headlines

With headline you get attention, but with sub-headlines you will keep it.

Have you heard some of the marketers saying – nobody reads text, everybody watch video. 

No doubt about it, video is engaging, but so can be the text.

Have you read 20 pages long sales latter? I bet you have.

Why? Because it requires from you to spend money in order to solve some of the problems you have.

So, what is the difference on your website? You also want to get people to spend money on your recommended products, right.

And what is common to all long term sales later? Indeed, sub-headlines.

All long form sales letters has engaging and benefits screaming sub-headlines that forces mind to read the whole text. That is why long form sales letters work so well.

So, if you want to get the sale, you must create engaging sub-headlines.

Pre-Sell Point #4 – First and Last Paragraph

In last blog post I talked about how important it is to say the right words in the first paragraph of the article.  I also compared it with door-to-door selling and what you would say in order to get in the house.

So, now let me explain why the last paragraph is equally important.

The first thing is browsing patterns. We do not read the text online in the same way we do offline.


Mostly we scan text in order to catch important points to make a decision. That is why sub-headlines work so well.

But, somehow we stop for the last paragraph, as we want to know what is going to happen now.

Therefore, in the last paragraph you need to summarize most painful issues or most important benefits that your article and product that you are going to recommend will solve.

The same principle applies to all content you create. IF you want to get clicks from article directories, start to use this pre-sell point.


Pre-Sell Point #5 – Ask The Sale

Now, that you got attention with powerful headline, sub-headlines and closing paragraph, you need to ask for the sale.

So, again – you use the most important pains that this product will solve, or you use the most important benefits that your target audience is looking for, and you tie those together with your product.

The best suggestion how to learn this is to go to Warrior Forum, find top WSO sellers there and read the last part before buy buttons.

If you will start to study those sales letters, you will easily start to see patterns that you can use on any website and for any product.

Here Is What You Should Do Right Now

Now that you know all 5 pre-sell points that can dramatically increase conversions, you need to start to implement this in your business.

So, if you have a website already, find the page on your site that has been visited the most in last 30 days or so, but that hasn’t converted to click or sale.

Check 5 pre-sell points for that article and make the changes according to the strategy outlined above.

If you will implement these steps on your website, you will get higher conversions and will make more money.

If you enjoyed this blog post, please leave a comment below, and I have a special gift for you that you can download right after comment submission. 

Peter Garety

Founder & CEO of DashNex. An entrepreneur since 13. Started his online business with no money, no English writing skills, substantial personal debts and zero know-how on how it should be run. Peter's focus is on helping people to avoid the traps that most people get into when starting online, so they can cut years to months, months to weeks and weeks to days to achieve the objective.


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