3 Key Triggers in Your Marketing Message

By Peter Garety - November 19, 2020

The purpose of any marketing message is, firstly, get attention, and once it is done, get people to act according to it. However, to craft a perfect marketing message is one of the most difficult tasks for anybody who starts to do some business online. It is the art, which you need to constantly improve in order to make money online.

In this post, I will give you 3 key elements of any marketing message that will help you to increase response rate of your blog readers and will allow you to turn your visitors into followers and prospects.

If you will include these 3 elements in any of your marketing message – blog post, article, email or ad, you will double or triple the responsiveness of your visitors, follower or prospects.

#1 Trigger of Any Marketing Message – The Emotions

Emotions are by far the most important element in your marketing message. Emotions like fears, guilt or pleasure combined with the ultimate goal of your readers, can make you more money than anything else online. In this category the most important emotion is fears.

People are twice as much motivated to move away from fears then move toward pleasure. So, if your marketing message triggers fears and you can offer the solution for those fears, then you are on your way to get massive follower, subscriber or buying customer base (it depends what your goal is).

Fear is the main reason why niches like health & fitness, relationships and money are making almost 90 percent of all the money online.

#2 Trigger of Any Marketing Message – The Time

Combined with fears time is the next element that triggers people to take action according to your marketing message. If you can offer to solve problem within certain time, or your exclusive offer is valid only for a certain time, people are more likely to take the action.

Therefore, it is critical always include the time element in your marketing message. If you offer to solve some problem for people, make sure to specify the time frame – for example, within 30 days or within 90 days, so that people know that they can expect to get the result within a certain time.

Time in combination with emotions is the primary element why product launches are working so brilliantly. In product launches people know that the offer is available for a certain time only, so if they are triggered by the emotions, they become addicted to take action and to buy product.

#3 Trigger of Any Marketing Message – The Value

The value is the element that get’s people attention. In today’s busy environment when people are triggered by thousands of marketing messages all day long, it is important to include the value in your marketing message. And I am talking about things that are valuable to your customers not to you. It is very critical to separate these two things.

For example, people do not care so much about your brand, design of your website and what the name of your company is. I am not saying that those are not important, but the primary thing you need to think about is what is valuable to your prospects. What are the things they really want? What is the ultimate goal that they want to achieve with your product or service? If you will specify that in your marketing message you will get people attention.


There are tons of good products and services out there, but nobody sees them. The only reason for this is the wrong marketing message. Almost every new marketer is tended to talk about websites, design, packaging, but not so much about emotions, time and value. Make sure to change it right away.

Check your current blog posts, product sales pages or squeeze pages to make sure that your marketing message includes all 3 key elements above.

Peter Garety

Founder & CEO of DashNex. An entrepreneur since 13. Started his online business with no money, no English writing skills, substantial personal debts and zero know-how on how it should be run. Peter's focus is on helping people to avoid the traps that most people get into when starting online, so they can cut years to months, months to weeks and weeks to days to achieve the objective.


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By Peter Garety - November 19, 2020